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Content monetization
Easily updated data
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'Smart' search system
Structured information
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your catalog
Create a catalog with branded design, as well as get a personalized mobile app for your business
Build your workflow structure with no technical experts involved
Provide relevant information for your clients at all times by updating the data structure rapidly
Get the whole range of tools for effective management of your workspace
Let the users work with the content in a simple way by means of the global search within the service
Create personalized filters and reports (queries) within the total amount of data
Get in touch with your audience by means of push notifications and newsletters
Implement different payment scenarios for your users, from content viewing to subscription to updates
Примеры порталов на нашей платформе
Стартап страна
Сборная Украины
Примеры порталов на нашей платформе
Стартап страна
Сборная Украины
Примеры порталов на нашей платформе
Стартап страна
Сборная Украины
Business models built on our platform
Catalog of IVF clinics
Technology news
Stages to create a catalog
on our platform:
The first step
Build the main structure of your catalog
You personally determine categories and where to place the data in your catalog, prioritize it, and make it your own style
The second step
Fill your catalog with data
Feel free to fill out the space with the data, images, files you want to share with your existing and prospective clients
The third step
Choose the monetization model
Only you make a decision what exactly your clients are going to pay for
The fourth step
Make your catalog publicly available
Once your monetization model is ready, and all the data is arranged as you need it, just click the button "Make it public"
The fifth step
Get paid for your work and celebrate your achievements
Scale the created project, put your new ideas into action, enhance opportunities for your business
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