What is dataforsell?
dataforsell.com is a new platform for a business built around information. It allows you not only to create a catalog but also supplement it with branded elements and get an individual application for your business. You can create the directory structure yourself, without any restrictions from the site's side. Flexible and professional structuring of information makes it possible to accelerate the obtaining of information by customers: global search, convenient filters and even selections for always relevant information. Interacting with customers on dataforsell.com is easy thanks to push notifications via mobile and e-mail newsletters. You choose the monetization scenario yourself - subscription to all content, partial subscription or subscription to selected updates. For each business, there is a suitable payment model.

Number one thing: you can do all this without a single line of code or the help of developers. You simply follow from the idea to its monetization by registering at dataforsell.com.
How it works?
The platform is based on a rethinking of working with tables. Data is easily described with tables and people have been using this digital format for decades. But we went further and made the tables personable, convenient and beneficial for customers, and for you - bringing income.

What advantages such a way has?

Simplicity. In order to make a table convenient for USERS in conditional Excel or Google Documents, it is necessary to take into account many technical issues and spend a lot of time setting it up. Using dataforsell.com you can customize tables in a convenient and simple editor. You won't need to copy the data many times to configure pre-installed filters or worry about updating your materials. You do not need to think about what's under the hood. Just jump "behind the wheel"!

Convenience. Compared to its competitors, the dataforsell platform has another advantage - opening lines in cards or documents. The pain while using tables, both for authors and clients, is the scroll bar, which goes several screens to the side. In such cases, the selection problem arises between details and ease of reading. Utilize our platform and you will not have to sacrifice with convenience. Each line can be opened as a document and provide convenience for both reading and editing.

Beauty. Tables repel many people due to the fact that it is difficult to isolate the necessary information among evenly rows and borders. Also, a problem for many is the lack of images in the product description or access to them via the link. The conclusion is forced upon itself - the tables of the new decade should include images. In order to make work with images complete, a table display mode in the form of a gallery or tiles was developed. Now the customer will see the goods in all their glory. Displaying products in this way is familiar to users of well-known marketplaces or social networks where images are presented as a grid.

Stability. Any businessman dreams of a stable income. In the digital business, generating a loyal customer flow is not as easy as in your favorite coffee shop, but from now on with dataforsell it's not a problem. Why? Because selling subscription data allows you to receive a steady income, return customers and offer them additional options. For all this, you do not have to come up with tricky advertising moves or delve into the complex technical connections between payment platforms. Working with this platform you concentrate on business, and we take care of technical issues and ensuring stability.
How do I organize my business on dataforsell.com?
Business organizing on the platform is very simple and fast. Which platform will give you the opportunity to run your business in half an hour? dataforsell.com
Create structure
Create one or more tables that provide data storage. Directly from the table or using a simple editor, create a template for your data. Thanks to this, users will be able to filter data, create personalized selections with the necessary parameters.

Download info
Now just fill in the tables with data. If necessary, use images and make the data easy for visual perception.

Choose monetizing model
Decide what your users will pay for: for viewing information, for especially valuable parts that are hidden from the public, or for the ability to receive instant notifications about changes in the catalog.

Make space public
Now, customers will be able to familiarize themselves with your products and enjoy the structure you have thought out, a beautiful gallery and ease of use of the platform.

Receive payment
All necessary is done. Now your turn to enjoy it - customers have already appreciated the value of your work and are ready to generously reward you.

While the rest are puzzling over how to test their hypothesis, build a business and attract customers, you are already earning.
Why? Because you chose dataforsell.com and no longer worry about the technical side of the business, setting up payment and returning customers. And most importantly - you can straightly invest in your business, and not in developing your own website. Our goal is to make digital business convenient for both customers and its creators. Earn money while the others are back-pedaling!
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