Dataforsell or wordpress plugins?
When we see such descriptions as free of charge, accessibility, and ease-of-use, it instinctively invites the suggestion that this given service has many drawbacks. Well, we're just used to pay a hefty price for a good product and thus we are always slightly suspicious toward some super-user-friendly services with a wide range of options (for no price at all). But if to dig deeper - any content management system has its drawbacks and bright sides. And just about CMS, we're going to talk in this article.
If you are thinking of creating a free website but don't know what to choose you've come to the right place. We will talk about the Dataforsell service using Wordpress plugins as a familiar example for many.
So step by step, let's go!

First contact

WordPress is deployed in one click on almost all hosting sites. But additional knowledge (training materials) will be needed to perform the initial setup of the engine, which includes changing the general parameters of the site work and installing several required plug-ins.
With Dataforsell absolutely no special knowledge is needed for a site creating. There are no additional expenses for developing the technical side. Even if you don't know the slightest thing about how to buy a domain, hosting, etc. - it's not a problem at all. Push the "get started" button and create your own work structure without involving technical specialists.

Tuning it

In a standard mode, WordPress is a system with relatively limited functionality. You can customize the template a bit, create pages and first posts – and that's virtually all. WP flexibility is provided by free and prepaid plugins (like URL beautifier, SEO-enhancements, and 3rd party payment systems). But you need to note that:
  • you can't operate without plugins entirely;
  • without some plugins your site cannot be brought to the first pages in search engines (for example);
  • in the same time plugins can come into conflict with each other and break the site entirely;
  • there are tons of plugins and in order to choose the right one, you need to shovel a great deal of it, test them, compare it all and evaluate whether it's work in your case;
  • before installing each plugin, you must definitely evaluate whether it is possible to go on without it to reduce the load on the server;
  • implementing time is stretched out for weeks and help of technicians is required.

On a Dataforsell platform at your own discretion, you can determine the categories and placement of data in the catalog. No additional tools are required. Plus:
  • you can create the directory structure yourself, without any restrictions from the platform side;
  • any information can be customized with the help of a convenient and simple editor;
  • you won't need to copy the data repeatedly to configure pre-installed filters or worry about updating the data;
  • option present for creating a personalized filters and reports (queries) within the total amount of data.
Few words about design

The external presentation of the WordPress site defines the template. You can find a suitable option in the official catalog. You can create a theme for WP yourself, but this is a task for webmasters with advanced skills. If you want to get such skills, then you should start by editing ready-made templates and in the process learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Any theme for WP has a row of settings. It may be different depending on the template (for example, there are more options on subscription model) but in general, you can:
  • load site logo;
  • configure the main menu and sidebar;
  • настраивать главное меню и сайдбар;
  • select the type of data display, etc.
Editing tools for design are also added with the use of plugins. But for deep customization of the template, it is advisable to get insight into HTML and CSS.
Dataforsell doesn't require any plugins for design setting. All needed instruments are available from the very beginning. Settings are quite simple but everything was developed for maximum result without distracting surplus tools.

The unique feature that Dataforsell site's design is built on tables (in contrast with WP, which offers site-building on block-templates). With tables it's easy to store any data and people have been using this digital format for decades. But Dataforsell pushed tables on to the next level indeed.
Ready-to-use options are:
  • handy thematic templates that will help to create needed space promptly;
  • opportunity to download files and pictures;
  • adding external links in the form of a buttons;
  • the different display modes of the informational tables - in the form of a gallery or in tiles mode. Displaying products in this way is familiar to users of well-known marketplaces, social networks, readers of online magazines where images are presented as a grid

Money matters

WordPress is a free engine open for customization. You can download it to a computer, install it on a local service, and experiment as much as you like by editing system files. But to make the site publicly available, you need to purchase a hosting and domain. These are mandatory expenses, without which it will not be possible to create a public project (and therefore no prospect of money-making for your site).
Using WordPress may incur additional costs as well - for example, the purchase of membership plugins and premium themes.
At the same time, it's important to note that WordPress does not require money for work - the decision to invest money always remains the right and not an obligation.

Dataforsell works to a subscription paywall model. It means that you pay only for a ready-made offers and for structures created by your own hands – no hosting, domain or plugins expenditures. Maximally simplistic form of payment:
  • all paid plans are calculated for one user per one month of work in one space;
  • there is a suitable payment model for each business wallet (tariffs "Free", "Team", "Business");
  • the pricing policy is clear and transparent – you always know for what you are paying (no hidden cost surprises).

Monetization for you

Creating a website on Dataforsell platform will help you to get real income from your site. With a well-built development strategy, you can start earning fairly soon after submitting your information in the space.
Dataforsell allows you to decide what your users will pay for:
  • for viewing information at whole;
  • for especially valuable parts that are hidden from the public (as is customary with online editions and newspapers, for example);
  • for the ability to receive instant notifications about changes and updates in the catalog.
When your monetization model is ready and all the data is designed in the form you intended it to be - just click the "Make public" button and simply wait while your customers familiarize themselves with your products and enjoy the structure you have built out.

Key takeaways

WordPress is a great example of how the user community can contribute to product development. But as it always happens the service has its own pros and cons.

A potential drawback is a decrease in performance due to the use of a large number of plugins. All beginner webmasters are faced with this. WordPress offers a million features, you want to try everything, but at some point, it simply overloads the server.

The problem is solved by moving the site to a more powerful and expensive infrastructure or by refusing plugins at all. Although, this will require programming skills or a budget to attract specialists.

On the contrary Dataforsell will help you to launch your site without extra time and money:
  • all you have to do is just to transfer the necessary data in a convenient and structured form and click the "Publish" button;
  • no wasting time searching for the necessary information in diverse sources - all info is available within the space;
  • flexible and transparent pricing policy;
  • no outer integration is needed, everything works smoothly from the very first row in the table;
  • user-friendly and easy-to-use interface (especially for newbies with no previous special skills in site building).
While the rest are racking their heads over how to entangle infinite cobweb of WP plugins, then build a business and attract customers, you are already earning. Why? Because you chose and no longer worry about the technical side of the business, setting up payment and returning customers. Straightforwardly you start investing in your business, and not in developing your own website.

Dataforsell's goal is to make digital business convenient for both customers and its creators. Earn money while the others drag behind!
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