Why digital business needs marketplace?
People can argue about the pros and cons of use supermarkets or small stores. But you can't disagree that in many countries supermarkets are winning this war and have a huge pressure on bakeries, groceries, butcheries and etc. Commerce is already on rails and it is spreading. It's developing an individual approach right now and when this process would be finished, small stores will become as the steak - rare. Why we're talking about it?

Business needs to evolve to stay in-game and be worthy. Shops and markets found a way to become more useful and comfortable for their customers. Digital business has one huge advantage: it's always at hand. But the closer you bring something, the more comfortable you need it to be. Online marketplaces proved their worth and people also proved their choice with their money. The best e-commerce marketplaces are simple and easy to use. People can see a list of goods categorized and sorted with an easy buying process.
Who needs marketplaces right now?
So, who is the next "dairy" in the digital world? Who can be saved by the implementation of the marketplaces? Fine examples of those are products or services which lost their position in the niche or trying to take root in one.

Database creators
Databases with warm leads, investors or hot vacancies and CVs are worth attention. But to be noticed many of their creators had to be creative. They even try to promote themselves with ProductHunt.

Information business
Stimulating customers to stay subscripted pushes makers to be creative and agile. Tools for makers shouldn't limit them strictly.

Subscription boxes

This business is simple on paper, but in fact, it needs close monitoring. Organizing contacts with suppliers, receiving requests and handling everything requires a structured and well-developed approach.

Magazines, newspapers and other classical media types
Old-fashioned information sources are tending to lose their audience. Even digitizing wasn't a solution. People prefer to read the news on Instagram and Twitter due to the delivery speed and clarity of content.
Marketplace options
Building own marketplace

Many people think about running their own marketplace. Is this idea as brilliant as it may appear at first sight?
  • starting a marketplace requires a solid amount of money to develop it. The marketplace with basic functionality will cost you $80K.
  • support and changes in the web-site are needed to stay competitive and generate benefits. If you won't invest money in these processes - the marketplace will remain a fifth wheel.
  • every website needs promotion. Online marketplace isn't the exception. It requires constant work on SEO, advertising and content.
Running an e-commerce web-site for your own digital goods is a risky choice and it needs constant attention, spends a lot of money and in fact, is a different business with its own requirement.

Using famous one

This option is better then developing a marketplace for yourself. It significantly cheaper and can give you an opportunity to promote your product to the masses. But it always has a "but".
To have good sales you need to be trustworthy. People tend to ignore products without reviews. To have those you need to be either very convenient in your advertising and but some reviews. Don't forget about inner SEO for those websites to be on top of the search results.
Last but not least is fees taking from you with marketplaces. They can differ from 5% to 20% and include membership fees, listing and transaction ones.

Using a brand new marketplace

What if we suggest you to create a catalog with branded design, as well as get a personalized mobile app for your business? You can do it easily and without any technician help. Create a perfect information structure as you see it on dataforsell.com. Add everything you need to sell a coherent digital product or service. Then you can implement different payment scenarios for your users, from content viewing to subscription to updates. Users can work with the content in a simple way by means of the global search within the service or using the filtering system. You can easily update information and your product. Your customers will be notified about it by means of push notifications and newsletters. You don't need to think about the technical part. Your clients will see the whole picture and they'll have the ability to navigate and find everything they need faster than ever. Is it a digital marketplace of your dream?
How it can save products from our example?
Database sellers will have their personal place to grow and evolve. Also, they'll have a cool tool to return their customers and keep their income stable. People won't just buy the database once and go with the wind. They'll definitely like to subscript to it to have the latest updates and open new opportunities for themselves. When it comes to business, reaction speed matters too. Change their idea about work with databases with comfortable navigation and notifications about changes in reports they're interested in.

How to do education or information better? Do more personalized reports from data and let people choose which topics they're interested in. People still read, but they need information right here and without unnecessary details. Fast delivery with push-notifications will make a powerful combination that can take your business to the next level.

People want to be sure about things they're buying. So if you let them as much information about your product as possible, they can be confident in their choice. With dataforsell you won't be limited with the amount of information you're able to provide. Also due to the self-made structure, you can make filters that are really making a difference for people who are choosing.

dataforsell.com is a new kind of marketplace: no-code, no headache with payments, no limitations. Build an information structure for your customers, add products, choose a payment model and grow your audience. Let people feel comfortable with personalized reports and subscriptions and generate benefits in your way.
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